Our Mission: to instill the

Love of Learning

Shikabania (Shik•a•ba•nee•ya) means “FIGHT FOR ME”. Our goal is to inspire the children of Tanzania to love learning. This lifetime gift will empower them and give them the opportunity to choose the future of their dreams.


Our Mission

Shikabania seeks to change the lives of poor children in Nkoaranga village by giving them a solid foundation in English, enabling them to succeed in secondary school. With English from Shikabania, many of these children will have opportunities beyond subsistence farming. They need strong English skills to perform well in secondary school giving them a chance to obtain meaningful employment.

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Our School

About Shikabania…

Shikabania, is a Pre-K through Class 7 school in the small Tanzanian village of Nkoaranga, founded in 2010 to teach children of poor families in English. Read More…